R.A. Lister Products

The R.A. Lister works have produced a huge range of different products throughout its lifetime. After formation in 1867, the company started out making agricultural implements including chaff cutters, corn crushers, oat cleaners, land rollers, horse gears, chain harrows and stone grinding mills. By the 1890s it was manufacturing the Dursley Pedersen Cycle and dairy equipment, especially cream separators which it shipped in volume.

Petrol engines followed in the early 20th century which went on to be a mainstay of the company until diesels began to be produced in 1929. From that time onwards the diesels began to capture the volume markets and the last petrol engines were produced in the 1960s. Other parts of the business that thrived in the early 1900s include the shearing equipment and woodware sections which added a different dimension to the company portfolio.

Today, in 2003, the Lister-Petter company concentrates on diesel engines and generator sets, the shearing business having become a separate business which is fortunately also still located in Dursley.

  Picture Gallery (Click on picture for larger view)
    Lister D Type Petrol Engine
Manufactured between 1926 and 1964 this engine proved to be one of the workhorses of the range. This particular engine dates from 1955 and spent part of its life in Cheltenham.
(June 15th 2002)
    Lister A Type Petrol Engine
The A Type engine was rated at 3.5hp at 650rpm and was produced in various guises from 1924 right through until 1962. This picture shows a hopper cooled example dating from 1927.
(June 15th 2002)
    Lister Junior Petrol Engine
The 1920s Junior petrol engine, in common with many of Lister's engines, was often used on farms for water pumping and powering machinery etc. as shown in this picture.
(June 15th 2002)
    Lister P Type Petrol Engine
The 6hp P type was one of Lister's early petrol engines. This example dates from 1913 and once worked on a farm in Wivelescombe where it powered a barn thresher and corn grinder.
(June 15th 2002)
    Lister Q Type Petrol Engine
Powered by petrol or paraffin the 8hp Q Type was one of the earlier Lister designs, this one dating from 1918.
(June 15th 2002)
    Lister 18/2 (JP2) Diesel Engine
This powerful engine developed 21hp at 1200rpm and was manufactured between 1930 and 1952. This example from the mid 1930s was part of a generator set on a large Long Island estate.
(c1999 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Lister Wyles Tractor
This tractor was manufactured in 1917 and was designed to pull a one or two furrow plough.
(c1999 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Lister FR6 Diesel Engine
This example of the Freedom range of engines, dating from the late 1950s or early 1960s, was once located at the Walley Bridge Gas Works. Whilst there it was one of several flame proof units supplied for gas pumping duty. It is shown here with a William & James Air Start Motor.
(c1999 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Lister LD2 Diesel Autotruck
Autotrucks were ubiquitous and flexible workhorses, used for transporting goods within factories, railway stations, ports and other industrial settings. This LD2 diesel powered example dates from 1959.
(June 15th 2002)
    Lister Rail Autotruck
This rail autotruck, numbered 8022, dates from 1936 and once served in Enfield, Middlesex where it worked at the Red Brick Co. Ltd.
(June 15th 2002)
    Swivelling Tipping Autotruck
This autotruck had a capacity of 30 cubic feet and could discharge its load to the rear or either side.
(c1928 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Butter Churn
Lister's shipped dairy equipment in large numbers and churns were a typical item within the range. Others included butter moulders, pasteurisers, milking machines and cream separators. The woodware department, in which the churns were manufactured, was established in Howard's Mill in 1902 which then became known as the Churn Works.
(c1910 - copyright David Harris)
    Ornamental panelled fire screen
This wooden fire screen was just one example in a wide range of ornamental furniture covering everything from garden seats, plant tubs, bellows and small coopercraft items, some of which were made from the timber of old battleships. Apart from use within the home they often formed part of the furnishings on large luxurious ocean liners. This example has the words "Saracens Head" carved in the upper panel and probably came from an inn or hotel.
(c1920s - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Lister "Monmouth" litter basket
Apart from its large range of engines and agricultural implements, Lister's also had a thriving woodware business making a wide range of products. Made from oiled Burma teak and galvanised steel these baskets were widely used by local authorities.
(c1974 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Lister "Severn" seat
Made from carefully selected Burma teak, these seats and others in the range, saw widespread use throughout the country. They could be bought with inscriptions carved into the wood or on brass, bronze or stainless steel plaques.
(c1974 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)