Dursley Scouting and Guiding

Scouting in the UK began unceremoniously after an experimental camp on Brownsea Island in 1907 under the leadership of Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell. This was then followed by the publication of his "Scouting for Boys" in the following year which proved a huge success. Cubs, or Wolf Cubs as they were first called, began in 1916 but it wasn't until 1986 when the Beavers, for the youngest members, started up. Dursley was not slow in forming a scout troop and one of the country's earliest, the 1st Dursley, was formed in 1908. They initially met at the Tabernacle Congregational Church but later moved their headquarters to the Prospect House School, off May Lane. The Tabernacle was later used as a base by the 2nd Dursley Troop. In 2004 the 1st Dursley Scout Group, together with the Cubs and Beavers, meets at the hut in the Goodymeade field, near Water Lane.

The Girl Guides Association was formed in 1910 and this was followed by the establishment of a junior section called the Rosebuds (later the Brownies) in 1914. Once again Dursley has played its fair share in supporting Guiding and several groups have existed in the town over the last 90 years or so.

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Dursley Scout Troop - 1915/16
This troop's HQ was at Prospect House School. Pictured are: Back (L-R) W.H. Bruce Champion (S.M.), W.S.W. Whittard (A.S.M.); Standing (L-R) W. Chandler, S. Cross, ?, W. French, R. Hewish, V. Harris, A. Parsons, E. Game, V. Barnett, B. Griffin, H. Tocknell; Middle (L-R) C. Whittard, I. Harris, W. Barnett, A. Webb, F. Rudge, A. Powell, F. Lockier, F. Letcher; Front (L-R) L. Tocknell, P. Hancock, A. Wood, M. Wood, S. Hancock.
(1915/16 - courtesy David Evans)

    2nd Dursley (Tabernacle) Scouts - c1935
The 2nd Dursley (Tabernacle) scout group at camp. Shown in the centre are Group Scout Master L.G. Barnett and Assistant Group Scout Master G. Phillips.
(c1935 - courtesy David Evans)
    Dursley Scout and Guide Group - c1943/44
Pictured here, to the right of centre, is Dorothy Hancock who was scout leader and guide captain during WW2.
(c1943/44 - courtesy David Evans)
    Dursley (Tabernacle) Guides - c1950
Pictured on a trip to Worcester are: Back (L-R) Glenis Morgan, Kathleen Jones, Valerie Martin, Valerie Pegler, Norma Fowler (flag), Norma Young, Valerie Webb; Middle (L-R) Sandra Mann, Edna Wilcox, Wendy Wood, ?, Barbara Cross (captain), ?, Wendy Shepherd, Maureen James, ? Timbrell; Front (L-R) Eileen Mills, Farada Bartlett.
(c1950 - courtesy David Evans and Stephen Young)
    Dursley Brownies - c1948
Grace Murray (right). Back - Diana Wainwright, Valerie Webb, Cora Fowler, Norma Young, Kathleen Turner; Mid - Jane Fryer, Wendy Shepherd, Diana Timbrell, Valerie Pegler, Valerie Martin, Maureen James, Maureen Phillips, Ann Barnett; Front - Margaret Davis, Joy Shepherd, Jennifer Stabbins, Barbara Jones, June Holly, Daphne Cook, Anne Derrett, Pat Swain, Sonia Wellings; Kneeling - Edna Wilcox, Annabel Jackson (c1948 - courtesy David Evans)
    Dursley (Tabernacle) Cubs - Early 1950s
The Dursley Tabernacle Cubs with left, Joan Hayes and right, George Montgomery. The cub on the far right is Colin Jones.
(Early 1950s - courtesy David Evans)
    Dursley Cubs on Parade - c1952
The 2nd Dursley (Tabernacle) Cubs at the St George's Day parade in Silver Street. Pictured are: (L-R) John Theyer, John Hillman, "Flag Bearer" Colin Jones, Roger Denning, Lyn Newning, Kenneth Knowles, John Clark, Geoffrey Davies, Michael East.
(c1952 - courtesy David Evans and Stephen Young)
    Dursley Guide Leaders - 1950/51
Some of the local Guide leaders looking very smart. Pictured are: (L-R) Audrey Smith (later Stewart), ? Kitchen, Dorothy Blake, Barbara ?, Vera Farmer (later Jones).
(1950/51 - copyright Ben Ashworth)
    Dursley Guides outing to Minehead - Aug 1953
This outing to a camp near Minehead in Somerset proved to be a very wet one. Pictured are: (L-R) Carol Coombe, Valerie Midgley, Doreen Midgley, Gwyneth Williams, ? (Leader from Frampton), Teresa Dix, Kathleen Darby.
(August 1953 - copyright Ben Ashworth)
    Dursley (Tabernacle) Cubs Outing - c1953/54
2nd Dursley cubs on Nibley Knoll. Back (L-R) ?, Basil Allen, David Allen, ?, ?; Middle (L-R) Michael Williams, Roger Workman, Janine Rudge, Admiral Sir Richard Bevan, Joan Hayes (Akela); Front (L-R) Michael East, Derek Gapper, David Brown, Richard Trayhurn, Stephen Young, ?, ?, ? Harvey. Kenneth Knowles, John Clark, David East?, Geoffrey Davis, Roger Denning, John Hillman, John Theyer, Colin Jones.
(c1953/54 - courtesy David Evans)
    Dursley Guides "Thinking Day" - 1987
Guide "Thinking Day" at St James church, with standards on parade including a first outing for the new West Gloucestershire Standard. Hundreds of Rangers, Guides and Brownies packed the church on this occasion.
(February 22nd 1987 - copyright Bailey Newspaper Group)